Dancer Turned Chocolatier

   Winnipeg’s chocolatier, Amanda Green, has a long history as a celebrated artist. After gracing the stage for 13 years with passion, dedication and creativity, Green earned her way to Principal Dancer with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.  Amanda has now devoted her creative pursuits to the art of chocolate making. A career shift came into play in recent years after suffering a devastating hip injury, which left her unable to continue dancing. While sadly her stage career had come to an end, she saw an incredible opportunity: to utilize her determination, creativity and passion, and infuse it into a new craft and artistic venture -  Melt Chocolate Company.


   Melt Chocolate Company provides a beautifully executed, artistic approach to chocolate that always leaves you wanting more. Green’s unique flavours and exquisite design concept will leave you not only thoroughly satisfied with taste, but astonished with the level of detail and perfection that goes into each piece. For most of her life, Amanda’s heart was dedicated to dance. She was lauded as an artist who gave audiences an unforgettable experience. As a chocolatier, she has found a new artistic focus, and is living a new dream which gives her the sense of joy she experienced on stage. With Melt Chocolate Company, Ms. Green has proven her versatility as an artist, and is once again leaving fans with extraordinary experiences through her artful chocolate creations.