The Chocolate

Couverture chocolate is high end chocolate with a minimum cocoa butter content of 32%.

I primarily use my signature blend of chocolate, Enso, which is a 73% cocoa minimum. Enso is not a single origin, but rather a blend of three different regions. Peru, Santo Domingo, and Ecuador. I partnered with Cacao Barry and their “Or Noir” program to create my exclusive blend.

Best Before Date will always be listed inside the box.I use all fresh and local ingredients whenever possible in my productions to guarantee a high level of artisanal bonbons. I do not use preservatives to extend my shelf life so they are best consumed within a couple of weeks of receiving them.

Bonbons should be stored and consumed at room temperature (15 to 20°C). Avoid heat, direct sunlight, and contrasting temperatures that may cause condensation. Refrigeration should be avoided as chocolate can easily absorb odours that will contaminate and ruin your fresh bonbons. Although bonbons may be refrigerated, they must be contained in an airtight container and slowly brought back up to room temperature.

None of our items are certified gluten-free,but most recipes don’t contain gluten products. Please contact for further information

Melt Chocolate Company uses various nut products in creations and therefore cannot guarantee a safe nut free product.

Contacting Melt

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